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  • Brand: Bellarmina
  • Product Code: BECIM001
  • Availability: Out Of Stock

Bellarmina’s patent-pending removable Camera Insert is an ingenious creation. It easily transforms your everyday stylish tote into a specialty bag to carry your camera safely, and just as easily converts your bag back to your everyday stylish tote without the added bulk of the camera insert. The Camera Insert may also be used as an efficiently structured bag organizer which can remain locked in place in the bag.


  • Fits standard-size D/SLR or DSLM cameras and accessories
  • Camera Insert is secured to the bottom of the bag with Velcro attachments at the exterior bottom of the Insert and the floor of the bag
  • Padded with 8mm foam to protect camera and accessories
  • Detachable pads with Velcro attachments may be positioned in the camera insert according to your needs
  • Additional pads may be purchased separately to provide more partitions or cover to your camera and accessories
  • With durable handles on both ends, making it easy to lift the insert with its contents and take it out of the bag

Size options: Camera Insert Large or Camera Insert Medium

Dimensions Large Insert    Medium Insert
Height 6.5 inches     6 inches
Width 13 inches   10.5 inches
Depth/Thickness 5 inches 5 inches
Number of detachable pads 3 2
Bellarmina bag in which Insert fits Sofia/Madison Phoebe


Height Large Insert - 6.5 inches; Medium Insert - 6 inches
Width Large Insert - 13 inches; Medium Insert - 10.5 inches
Depth or Thickness Large Insert - 5 inches; Medium Insert - 5 inches
Detachable pads
Number of detachable pads Large Insert - 3; Medium Insert - 2 (additional detachable pads may be bought for Large or Medium Insert)
Matching Bellarmina Bag
Sofia Bag Large Insert
Phoebe Tote Medium Insert
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