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The name “Bellarmina” says it all.  From Italian, it literally translates to “beautiful armor.”

It is Bellarmina’s vision to provide fashionable, functional, and versatile bags and accessories to women of various ages all over the world.  Our stylish products allow women to carry around their laptops, tablets, cameras and other gadgets inconspicuously and keep them safe from harmful elements - nature, human, or otherwise.

Bellarmina understands the many ways women need and use their bags, thus the Bellarmina bag is carefully designed to give its user the flexibility to carry it as a daily, weekend, travel, office or school bag, and to “build” it as a specialty bag for gadgets by adding on “cozy complements” like camera inserts and laptop sleeves. With the varied ways a Bellarmina bag may be used, it not only offers great value for your money, but also saves you the trouble of uncomfortably lugging around several bags.            

Bellarmina bags are meticulously handmade in the shoe and bag capital of the Philippines – Marikina City.  Italy’s bags are no doubt superb, hence the Italian-inspired name “Bellarmina.” But the excellent bags of Marikina, an Italy of the South East, one might say, are definitely a match. Bellarmina bags are manufactured using high quality faux leather and durable accessories.

Bellarmina is an agent of style evolution -- creating world-class innovative products that suit your exquisite taste and satisfy your refined need.

Bellarmina is a home brand of Pixel and Gretel, Inc. Its products are exclusively distributed by


The heart and soul of mod. begins with family. 

mod. is a mother-and-daughter owned business created by Jeannie Cheatham and Amber Clay. An avid photo enthusiast, Amber was searching for a new camera strap. All she found were low quality straps in limited basic styles and colors. She set out to create her own strap cover using her existing strap as the base. Choosing stylish fabrics in vibrant colors and textures, she began sewing on her grandmother’s old sewing machine with Jeannie’s help. The idea for a business was taking form. 

Originally, Jeannie and Amber planned to offer their camera strap covers to a local camera store on a consignment basis. Soon they were contacted by an independent sales representative who had seen their products. He took their creations to other camera stores and found strong interest and enthusiasm.

Jeannie and Amber soon came to realize that the product photographers wanted was not simply a camera strap cover but a high quality, durable, and stylish camera strap. They began their search for a manufacturer. They were strong in their conviction that they wanted their product manufactured in the USA. The response has been tremendous. mod. is now sold in stores all over the world and is also available for purchase on their website. 

Throughout their journey, their business has been and always will be grounded in their faith in God, family, and friends.

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Jo Totes, a U.S. entity, have been creating and sending camera bags to women photographers around the world since 2009. Their bags provide a fashionable way for women to safely carry their camera bodies and lenses, along with regular purse items, every day – whether it be to a photo shoot, while travelling, or just while out on a regular day. 

The main compartment of each bag is lined with padding (around each side and on the bottom) to protect photography equipment. Movable interior pads are also included to allow for configuration around a variety of camera bodies and lenses. 

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Tara Essentials is a Philippine brand offering stylish and practical solutions to your everyday needs. Whether it be for travelling or carrying and organizing personal effects, Tara has something tasteful to offer.

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